What is stop motion

Take a look at how simple it is to capture your audience's attention, using videos that engaje a lot more.

The Stop Motion

Stop Motion is a type likable, captivating and super versatile animation. This format is perfect for pattern breaking and attention grabbing content, allowing for a unique and memorable product positioning.

Very popular in cinema, mostly in children's movies, this format is also gaining space in the publicity market. The visuals that attracts the curious eyes of children, has also being shown very effective to capture adult's attention as well. In a very competitive landscape, as social media, brands seek to new ways to differentiate and standout.

Stop Motion presents itself as a great opportunity to communicate in a more authentic way with the audicence. Take a look at why Stop Motion is so special, and how it can be relevant to your brand's strategy.

What "Stop Motion" means

"Stop Motion" is a type of video animation, it uses sequences of photographs in a particular order, that simulates movement. These photographies are called frames, taken from the same angle, and giving the object an slight ajustment in position. That is what gives the feel of vovement.

The history of Stop Motion

Who created the Stop Motion technique

The first know Stop Motion film to be recorded is 1898 The Humpty Dumpty Circus. The creators, J. Stuart Blackton and Albert E. Smith used toys to depict the life of circus artists. Unfortunately no recording survived the passage of time.

A short film called Fun in a bakery shop, was recorded in 1902, all elements on scene were entirely made of modeling clay.

Then, in 1912, Ladislas Starevich recorded Cameraman’s Revenge de Ladislas, a 12 minute long film. The story is about an affair between a beetle and a dragon-fly. This film shocked the audience, as they thought Ladislas had trained the bugs.

Other Stop Motion films

Today, there are many studios producing big Stop Motion films, many well know by the general public. Among then, we can mention the most famous ones: Corpe Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton, Coraline by studio Laika and Chicken Run by studio Aardman.

Why Stop Motion is so special?

Even someone who is not used to see Stop Motion videos, or is not familiar with the animation process, can recognize that there is something special, captivating and even misterious about it.

Stop Motion is a animation technique in which every character and scenario are handmade and, differently from other animation types, is animated manually frame by frame. It's all this dedication that gives a perception of magic.

In social media, we see more and more products represented by mock-ups and artifical-looking digital animations. Stop Motion goes directly againts this trend, bringing handmade content, athentic and super original.

This animation format stands out so much, exacly because it's so different of everything else online. It's peculiar visual, and artistic value are immediately recognized. The public understands that a quality material was produced to promote a product or service, with much care and dedication. That translates to more engagement on social media publications.


Stop Motion is a versatily anomation, its has the ability to entratain and, at the same time, comunicate an important messege.

When promoting a new product or service, or comunicating a messege, it can be hard to retain the audicences attention. The captivating visuals of the format is known to capture curious eyes.

The mechanic of the animation, made frame by frame, also allows building scenarios and enviroments that would be very hard and complex in other formats. This makes it possible to develop unique narratives and tell stories that explore new horizons, and approach the core messege in a unique way.

Today with so many ads, posts and information, it can be difficult to standout. And Stop Motion easily captures people's attention. More people whatch content in this format, for longer and many more times. This can be very helpfull for building brand awareness.

Types of Stop Motion animations

Not every kind of Stop Motion are iqual. Checkout some different types that delivers very distinct results:

Object- Motion: Moving and shooting objects frame by frame. This tecnique offers endless possibilities of storytelling. It can be done with a wide range of objects.

Claymation: Consists in moving and shooting objects made of clay, frame by frame. This way, everything in the scene can be built creatively.

Pixilation Stop Motion: This is the only tecnique that invloves capturing the movement of people. Being able to be steady is the most important aspect of this tecnique.

Cutout Animation: This type is made with characters and scenery made out of paper cut into shapes.

Puppet Animation: Made with puppets, this type allows for very unique movement possibilities.

Silhouette Stop motion: This tecnique consists of placing object behind a thin white paper sheet, illuminated from the back with special lighting. This type values the shape of objects.


Stop Motion continous to grow on popularity, thanks to it's power of giving life to objects, and creating very unique, singular and captivating animations.



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