5 movies in stop motion

Get to know what stopmotion is, and how it can boost your paid media campaings.

The Stop motion animations

Altough its a technique used in animations for over 100 years, just recently Stop Motion started gaining admirers and becoming truly popular. Each year, we see more studios producing short films, movies and vídeos for social media using Stop Motion.

Because of it's unique visual style, this animation type stands out a lot more than the traditionally made animations.

Normally, we use puppets and a wide range of materials, to produce the characters and scenarios to be animated. This objects are slowly moved through the scene, giving the movement effect. This kind of productions take a long time to shoot, but the end effect is quite woth it.

The Movies

Studios like Laika and Aardman produce great films in this style, like Chicken Run, Coraline and Corpse Bride. There are also very good, altough lesser known, movies that are worth a dedicated article.

In this article, I will lay out a small list with the major productions. This are all well known and certanly worth a try. Altough they're all animations, some of then are not too childish, and might be entretaining for adults too.

It's also nice to remeber, while watching this types of movies, that they are all hand made, manually, frame by frame.

So let's get to it.


From Laika studio, adapted by Henry Selick, in 2009, from the child's story by Neil Gaiman. Coraline is a film that´s pleasing for all ages. It's a modern and dark fairy tale. The story with Coraline going through a secret portal to a paralel world, where she meets another version of her own family.

Corpse Bride

First Stop Motion feature film directed by Tim Burton, in 2005. It's a story about a man, promessed to a dead woman, and taken to the land of the dead.

The House

A new british movie of 2022, writen by Enda Walsh. Composed of three stories, all related by the excessive investment on a house, and all the consequences of that event. The stories are all told on the same house, but with very different contexts and characters.

Chicken Run

Aardman studio's first feature film, from 2000, is to this day the biggest box of all time for Stop Motion films. Tells the story of a rooster that falls in love with a chiken, in a British farm. Togheter, they decide to run away but, first, they must face the evil farmer.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Another film from Tim Burton, directed by Henry Selick, in 1993. This is a Stop Motion classic, that sat the standard for the style. In a fantastic world, Halloween and Christmas are happening at the same time. The sotry tells the adverures of Jack, that tries to take over Christmas after going through a crises as king of Halloween city.

This are, without a doubt, the most well known and classic Stop Motion movies that must be watched at leat once. Of couse, soon I will bring another list, with lesser know films that are worth the watch just as much.



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